POUM 1936

No Pasaran!

Source: La Révolution Espagnole, 1st year, no. 8, October 28, 1936;
Translated: for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor.

We don’t think it’s useful to give our readers a lengthy account of the development of the war against fascism. We have already denounced the tactics of the rebels in the fight they are waging against us. Emptying their other fronts, they have strengthened their offensive against Madrid. For this purpose they are using formidable armaments provided them by the German and Italian fascists. The entire world has its eyes on the capital of Spain. The fascists of Europe are rejoicing in what they think will be the certain victory of their Spanish vanguard. For their part the revolutionaries and the workers of all countries hour by hour follow the fight around Madrid with the greatest attention.

It is to you, workers of all countries, that we address ourselves. From the first moment you understood that the fight of the workers of Spain is not only the combat of the working class of this country for its revolution, but that it is also your struggle. The emancipation of the Spanish working class will mean the dawning of the emancipation of the workers of the world. Our victory will be yours.

Workers of the world, you have obligations towards us. Every hour, every minute you must demonstrate calling for the most decisive support for the Spanish Revolution. You must boycott and sabotage the deliveries of arms and materiel to the rebels. You must impose the sending of cannons and planes to the Spanish workers. Through your pressure on the governments of France and England you must have neutrality abolished. Demand of the USSR that it positively support the Spanish Revolution with all its military might.

We have obligations to the world proletariat and we will not fail in them. The Spanish revolutionaries know why they fight. They want to make the smallest seed of an oppressive regime disappear from Iberian soil. They want to live free and be the masters of their destiny. They have committed themselves to win, not only for themselves, their wives, and their children, but also for the workers of France, Europe, and America. They will win through this vow that they all repeat: