The POUM (1935-1937)

Workers' Party of Marxist Unification
Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista

La Verite



The Programme of the POUM in 1936
Speech to the Annual Conference of the I.L.P., Johan Matteo, 28 March 1937
Thirteen-points Program for the Crisis, April 1937
Manifesto of the POUM During the Barcelona May Days, Executive Committee of the POUM and Executive Committee of JIC, 4 May 1937
The May Days in Barcelona, Central Committee of the POUM, 12 May 1937
Resolution, Enlarged Central Committee of the POUM, 13 May 1937
Statement received from POUM, 17 June 1937
Counter-Theses for the Conference of the POUM, Cell 72, 1937



From La Batalla
The POUM attacks the Nationalism of the Spanish Stalinists, 4 April 1937


From La Révolution Espagnole
The General Policy of the Workers Party of Marxist Unification, 3 September 1936
Maurin is Dead, 4 September 1936
The Fight of the Proletarians Against Fascism, 14 October 1936
Saving the Democratic Republic or Socialist Revolution?, 14 October 1936
Reform of Primary Education, 14 October 1936
No Pasaran!, 28 October 1936
The Collectivization of the Vilardell Stores, 18 November 1936
The Collectivized CNT Taxis, December 18, 1936
POUM’s Response to Pravda and l'Humanité, 24 January 1937
War of National Independence or Proletarian Revolution?, February 15, 1937


The Spanish Revolution
English language organ of the P.O.U.M. edited in Barcelona and published in NYC by supporters from anti-Stalinist left.


From Editorial Marxista
Kurt Landau The Spanish Revolution of 1936 and the German Revolution of 1918-19, 1937



Andrés Nin Archive
Joaquín Maurín Archive
Julián Gorkin Archive
Wilebaldo Solano Archive
José Rebull On Dual Power and On the Slogan of 'A UGT-CNT Government', 1937
Juan Andrade On the Psychology of Stalinism, 1948


Photos and Posters

POUM Photos 1936-1937
POUM Poster Collection


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