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Wilebaldo Solano


A. Nin and W. Solano


Wilebaldo Solano was General Secretary of the Iberian Communist Youth in 1936, member of the Executive Committee of the Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (POUM), imprisoned until 1944 and later elected as General Secretary of the POUM (while in exile). He was founder of the Fundacion Andreu Nin.


1948: U.S. Imperialist Diplomats Launch Offensive Against Spanish People

1949: European Intellectuals Protest Franco Terror

1949: Spanish Labor’s Appeal: Stop U.S. Aid to Franco

1950: U.S. Preparing to Rescue Franco if He Relaxes Economic Controls

1957: Behind the Reshuffle of Franco's Cabinet

1972: The Example of Sneevliet

1974: The Spanish Revolution: The Life of Andreu Nin

1985: The Historical Significance of the POUM

1995: Land and Freedom Review

2005: The POUM's Seven Decades


J. Martorell Wilebaldo Solano, 1916-2010

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