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Spanish Revolution (1931-1939)

The Prelude: the Second Spanish Republic until the start of the Civil War (1931-1936)

Leon Trotsky — Collected Writings on the Spanish Revolution (1931-1933)

The Revolution in Spain (1931)
The Spanish Revolution and the Dangers Threatening It (1931)
For Communist Unity in Spain (1931)
The Problems Of The Spanish Revolution From Day To Day (1931)
For the Spanish Revolution: The Ten Commandments of the Spanish Communists (1931)
The Character of the Revolution (The Spanish Revolution on the Order of the Day for the Left Opposition) (1931)
The National Question in Catalonia (1931)
Problems of the Spanish Revolution (1931)
On the Maurin Group in Catalonia and the Left Opposition (1931)
A Letter About the Spanish Revolution (1931)
Tactics Flowing from the Election Results (alternative translation) (1931)
The Role of Strikes in a Revolution (1931)
On The Slogan of Soviets – From a Letter to Andres Nin (1931)
Trotsky on Opposition and the Party in Spain (letter to Andres Nin) (1931)
The Spanish “Kornilovs” and “Stalinists”(1933)

Andrés Nin — Writings on Spanish Revolution in his archive (1931-1932)

The General Strike in Barcelona (1931)
Mistakes of Comrade Maurin (1931)
The Tasks of Spanish Communists (1931)
The Fascist Danger and the Need for a United Front of the Proletariat (1931)
The Conference of the Spanish Opposition (1932)
Bloc, Party or Organisation of Sympathisers? (1932)

Julián Gorkin

The Fall of Primo De Rivera and its Consequences (1930)
In Spain after the Fall of the Dictatorship (1930)

Hugo Oehler

Communism and Syndicalism in Spain (1931)
A Few Lessons of the Anarchist Uprisings in Spain (1932)

Max Shachtman — Writings on Spanish Revolution in his archive (1931-1932)

“Order Prevails Throughout Spain” (1931)
Republican Revolution in Spain (1931)
The Theory of Stalinism and the Revolution in Spain (1931)
In Spain – “The Democratic Republic of the Workers” (1932)
The Recent Outbreaks in Spain (1932)
In Spain – The Socialists and State Power (1932)
The Right Wing of Spanish Communism (1932)
Spain’s Bourgeoisie on the Offensive (1932)
The Spanish Communist Party in the Revolution (1932)

Karl Korsch The Spanish Revolution (1931)

Nestor Makhno

Open Letter to Spanish Anarchists (1931)
On the History of the Spanish Revolution of 1931 (1931)


Spanish Civil War and Revolution

Accounts of participants and contemporaries

Tom Mann Brigade

Leon Trotsky — Collected Writings on the Spanish Revolution (1936-1939)

The Tasks in Spain (1936)
The Lesson of Spain (1936)
The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning (1937)
Tragedy of Spain (1939)
Spain, Stalin and Yezhov (1939)
Once again on the causes of the defeat in Spain (1939)

Dolores Ibárruri — Speeches and articles on Spanish Revolution in her archive (1936-1937)

Danger! To Arms! (1936)
Our Fighters Must Lack for Nothing! (1936)
Discipline, Calm, Vigilance! (1936)
Restrain the Hand of the Interventionists! (1936)
Fascism Shall Not Pass (1936)
Better Die Standing, Than Live Kneeling! (1936)
Women at the Front (1936)
Our Battle-Cry Has Been Heard by the Whole World! (1936)
Letter to Her Son (1936)
We Demand Retribution (1937)
We Are Too Humane to the Fascist Murderers, But There Is A Limit to Our Patience (1937)
Commissars! (1937)
Reply to the Enemies, Slanderers and Wavering Elements (1937)

Jose Diaz — On the Lessons of the Spanish People’s War (1940)

Andrés Nin — Writings on Spanish Revolution in his archive (1936-1937)

The Spanish proletariat before the advancing revolution (1936)
The Problem of Power (1937)
The May Days in Barcelona (1937)
The Political Situation and the Tasks of the Proletariat (1937)
Final Declaration to the Police (1937)

Grandizo Munis Writings on Spanish Revolution in his archive (1937-1941)

The Bolshevik-Leninists of Spain Demand Your Aid in the Struggle for the Social Revolution (1937)
The Programme of the Spanish Bolshevik-Leninists (1937)
Spain One Year After Franco's Victory (1940)
Franco’s Dilemma (1941)

Mary Low & Juan Breá — Red Spanish Notebook (1937)

Lambda — The Truth about the Barcelona Events (1937)

Fenner Brockway — The Truth About Barcelona (1937)

John McGovern — Terror in Spain (1937)

William Krehm — Spain: Revolution and Counterrevolution (1937)

George Orwell — Homage to Catalonia (1938)

Mieczyslaw Bortenstein (M. Casanova) — Spain Betrayed: How the Popular Front Opened the Gates to Franco (1939)

Albert Weisbord — Collection of his writings on Spanish Revolution (1936- )

The Spanish Revolution
The Spanish Revolution at the Crossroads
Long Live The Spanish Socialist Republic
The Underground Railway To Spain
Two Visits to Barcelona
Outcast Spain
The Huesca Front in Aragon
The Provocations of Bourgeois Democracy in Spain
Barricades in Barcelona
Perspectives of the Spanish Revolution
Collectivization in Catalonia
The Fight Within the Spanish Left
The P.O.U.M. in Spain
An Analysis of the Barcelona May Days
Unique Problems of the Spanish Revolution
Covering the Evacuation of the Refugees

Felix Morrow — Writings on Spanish Revolution in his archive (1936-1939)

The Civil War in Spain: Toward Socialism or Fascism? (1936)
How the Workers Can Win in Spain (1936)
Proposed Solutions to the Spanish Crisis (1937)
Spain’s Unions Join Pact Against Stalinist Repression (1937)
Spanish Anti-Fascist Movement Slandered by Church Hierarchy (1937)
Anglo-French Aid to Spanish Loyalists Is a Fraud and Deception (1937)
Britain Takes Steps to ‘Solve’ Spanish Crisis by Recognizing Franco (1937)
Revolution and Counter Revolution in Spain (1938)
Anarchism in Spain (book review) (1938)
The War in Spain (book review) (1938)
Barcelona and France’s Future (1939)
The GPU orders a Novel (book review) (1939)

Bertram D. Wolfe — Civil War in Spain (1937)

CLR James

Introduction to Mary Low and Juan Breá’s Red Spanish Notebook (1937)
The Leninist Policy For Spain (1937)

Hugo Dewar

The GPU in Spain (1937)
Europe’s Little Russia, from Assassins at Large (1951)

Ted Grant

Lessons of Spain (together with Ralph Lee, 1938)
The Spanish Revolution 1931-37 (1973)

George Padmore — Why Moors help Franco (1938)

Browder with Lincoln Batallion

Earl Browder, Bill Lawrence — Next Steps to Win the War in Spain (1937)

Communist Party of Great Britain

R. Palme Dutt Britain and Spain (1936)
Harry Pollitt In Memory of the British Comrade Who Have Fallen in Spain (1937)
Harry Pollitt International Unity Can Bring Peace to Spain and Europe (1937)
J. R. Campbell For Joint Action on Behalf of the Spanish People (1937)
William Gallacher Answer the Call of the Spanish People (1937)
T. H. Wintringham Comrades of Jarama (1940)

Georges Soria — Trotskyism in the Service of Franco (1938)

Karl Korsch

Economics and Politics in Revolutionary Spain (1938)
Collectivization in Spain (1939)

Paul Mattick — The Barricades Must Be Torn Down. Moscow-Fascism in Spain (1937)

Willie Brandt — A Lecture at a session of the extended party leadership of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany (1937)

Mao Tse-tung — The People of China Express Solidarity with Spain (1937)

Edgar Hardcastle

The Civil War in Spain (1936)
The Last Hour in Madrid (1939)

Jesús Hernández How the NKVD framed the POUM (1953)

Wilebaldo Solano — The POUM's Seven Decades (2005)


Subsequent writings

Miriam Gould

Lessons of the Spanish Commune (1943)
Spain, 1936 – A Study in Soviets (1944)

Pierre Frank — Summary of the Course on the Spanish Revolution (1956)

Pierre Broué — Collection of his writings on Spanish Revolution (1961-1988)

The Revolution and the Civil War in Spain (Part 1) (1961)
Trotsky and the Spanish Revolution (1967)
The Socialist Youth in Spain (1934-1936) (1983)
The ‘May Days’ of 1937 in Barcelona (1988)

Chris Harman

The Spanish Civil War (1973)
Between War and Revolution (1981)

Ernest Mandel — Morrow on Spain (1974)

Sam Dolgoff

The Anarchist Collectives: Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939 (1974)
Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution (1986)

Martin Upham — A Note on British Trotskyists and Spain, from The History of British Trotskyism to 1949 (1980)

Andy Durgan — Collection of his writings on Spanish Revolution (1981-2008)

Revolutionary Anarchism in Spain – the CNT 1911–1937 (1981)
The rise and fall of Largo Caballero (1983)
The Spanish Trotskyists and the Foundation of the POUM (1992)
Bookwatch – Civil War and revolution in Spain (1995)
Freedom fighters or Comintern army? The International Brigades in Spain (1999)
Barcelona class war (2005)
Seventy years after the Spanish Civil War (interview) (2006)
Aid for Spain (2008)

John Saville — Valentine Cunningham and the Poetry of the Spanish Civil War (1981)

Murray Bookchin

The Spanish Civil War, 1936 (1986)
To Remember Spain (1994)

Richard Price — The GPU Murder Machine in Spain (1987)

Tony Cliff — Trotsky and the Spanish Revolution, from Trotsky, Vol. 4, Ch. 11 (1991)

John Newsinger — Orwell and the Spanish Revolution (1994)

Geoff Bailey — Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War (2002)

Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (Canada)

Ross Dowson, Review of The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (1972)
Manitoba Legislature, Honouring the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (2008)


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