MIA: Dolores Ibárruri





Danger! To Arms! (July 19, 1936)

Our Fighters Must Lack for Nothing! (July 24, 1936)

Discipline, Calm, Vigilance! (July 29, 1936)

Restrain the Hand of the Interventionists! (July 30, 1936)

Fascism Shall Not Pass (August 24, 1936)

Better Die Standing, Than Live Kneeling! (September 3, 1936)

Women at the Front (September 4, 1936)

We Will Win! (September 15, 1936)

Our Battle-Cry Has Been Heard by the Whole World! (September 25, 1936)

Letter to Her Son (October 2, 1936)

We Demand Retribution! (February 15, 1937)

We Are Too Humane to the Fascist Murderers, But There Is A Limit to Our Patience (1937)

Commissars! (March 19, 1937)

Reply to the Enemies, Slanderers and Wavering Elements (August 10, 1937)

Thanks to Anna Pauker (September 15, 1937)

Stalin, Leader of Peoples, Man of the Masses (January 1940)

Jose Diaz (May 1942)

The Struggle of the Spanish People Continues (1948)



Pictures from Speeches and Articles, (1936-1938)


With raised fist   


At a meeting in Albacete   

Among the defenders of Madrid   

Other pictures

With Ho Chi Minh, 1960


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