MIA: Subjects: Jews:

Jews, Marxism and the Worker’s Movement

The Jewish Bund at the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Jewish Socialist Defence Guard, Odessa

A subject index of texts from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Leon and Luxemburg; texts from the Jewish Socialist and Labor Movement and the effect on the Jewish working class of the Russian Revolution


General Works

Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure, Daniel De Leon 1903

Anti-Semitism Exposed! Plotting America's Pogroms, John L. Spivak 1934

Anti-Semitism: What it Means and How to Combat It, William Gallacher, M.P. and Earl Browder 1943

Socialism Answers Anti-Semitism, Eric Hass 1944

Resistance is the Lesson. The Meaning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Morris U. Schappes 1948

Labor and Anti-Semitism, George Morris 1953

Bordiga’s “Auschwitz, or the Great Alibi”, with Commentary by Mitchell Abidor

The Roots of Antisemitism, Raya Dunayevskaya 1960

Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype, Hal Draper 1977

Anti-Semitism & the Beirut Pogrom, Fredy Perlman 1983

The Dreyfus Case

Miscellaneous Articles and Commentary on the Dreyfus Case


Moses Hess
Bernard Lazare

Jewish Solidarity, 1890.

Jews and Israelites, 1890.

Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, 1894.

Jewish Nationalism, 1898.

Anti-Semitism and Revolution, 1899.


Karl Marx

On the Jewish Question, Marx 1844

V. I. Lenin

How the Spark was nearly Extinguished, 1900.

The Position of the Bund in the Party, 1903

The Nationalisation of Jewish Schools, 1913.

Anti-Jewish Pogroms, 1919.

Lenin on the Jewish Question, 1934

Leon Trotsky

Report of the Siberian delegation, Trotsky 1903

The Problem of Nationalities, from Trotsky’s “History of the Russian Revolution.”

The White Guards, Trotsky 1919 (concerns anti-semitism of the White Army)

On the Jewish Problem, Trotsky 1934.

Thermidor and Anti-Semitism, Trotsky 1938.

Dov Ber Borochov
Background Materials

Ber Borochov. Selected Essays in Socialist Zionism, S. Levenberg 1948

Borochov for Our Day. The Socialist-Zionist View of the Jewish People, Richard Yaffe, editor 1958

Ber Borochov. Towards a Portrait of a Socialist Zionist, Mitchell Cohen 1977

Selected Works

The National Question and the Class Struggle, 1905.


General Works

Jews, Boers and Patriots, II, Belfort Bax 1899

B.S.P. In East London, Fineberg 1913

Karl Kautsky

On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in England, 1904

Are the Jews a Race?, 1914

The Jewish Workers’ Bund
Background Materials

Socialist Mass Politics through Sport: The Bund's Morgnshtern in Poland, 1926-1939, Roni Gechtman 1999

Was the Jewish Labor Bund in Czarist Russia a "National Movement"?, Joshua Zimmerman 2003

Eastern Europe Abroad: Exploring Actor-Networks in Transnational Movements and Migration History. The Case of the Bund, Frank Wolff 2012

“Brothers and Sisters of Work and Need”: The Bundist Newspaper Unzer Tsayt and its Role in New York City, 1941-1944, Saul Hankin 2013

A Party of Naysayers: The Jewish Labor Bund after the Holocaust, David Slucki 2013

Primary Works

By K. Boris:

The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund, October 1907

The Electoral Manifesto of the Jewish “Bund” , October 1907

4,000 Stocking Workers in Wilno and Witebsk (Russia) on Strike, May 1908

May Day in Russia. Manifesto of the “Bund.”, May 1908

Poale Zion (Workers of Zion)

Zionism and Socialism, Lewis Rifkind 1918

Hashomer Hatzair/MAPAM

Borochov for Our Day. The Socialist-Zionist View of the Jewish People, Richard Yaffe, editor 1958


The Russian Revolution

From Emma Goldman's [“My Disillusionment in Russia” (Concerns fate of Jews in the Ukraine during the Civil War)]:




Karl Marx and Frederick Engels An Introduction to Their Lives and Work, Chapter 2, by David Riazanov 1927 (Discusses contribution of Jews to the formation of Communism).

The Comintern

Appeal from the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the Workers of the Union of Jewish Communists (Poale Zion) Bulletin of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, #2 September 20, 1921

Appeal from the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the Members of the All-Jewish Workers Union ("The Bund") in Poland Bulletin of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, #2 September 20, 1921

On the Jewish Question, Frumkina at the Second Congress of the Communist International, 1920

The Naftali Botwin Company, Spain 1938

Communist Party, USA
Background Materials

A Voice on the Jewish Left, [on the Freiheit] Arthur J. Saban 1987

The Jewish Question

The Struggle Against Anti-Semitism: A Program of Action for American Jewry, J. Soltin 1938

The Jewish People and the War, Earl Browder 1940

Jews in Action. Five Years of the Jewish Peoples Committee, 1941

Should Jews Unite? Jewish People's Unity as a Force for American National Unity, Alexander Bittelman 1944

Jews in American History, 1654-1865, Philip Foner 1945

Program for Survival: The Communist Position on the Jewish Question, Alexander Bittelman 1946

It's Happening in New York: Anti-Semitism Must be Stopped, John Arnold and Leon Harris 1947

To Secure Jewish Rights: The Communist Position, Alexander Bittelman 1947

Jewish Culture in America: Weapon for Jewish Survival and Progress, Nathan Ausubel 1948

Problems of Jewish Culture, Morris U. Schappes 1950

Jews in the Socialist Countries

Jews in the Soviet Union, Paul Novick and J. M. Budish 1948

The Truth About Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, Tom O'Connor 1948

The Truth About the Prague Trial, Louis Harap 1953

The Jewish Problem in the USSR/On Trials and Purges, Joshua Kunitz and editors of Monthly Review 1953

The Truth About Jews in the Soviet Union, Sofia Frey 1960

The Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia (ICOR)

Report of the American ICOR Commission for the Study of Biro-bidjan and Its Colonization, 1929

Nailebn (New Life), December 1936

10 Years of Biro-bidjan, S. Almazov 1938

Hitler or Stalin?, Chaim Zhitlovsky 1938

Zionism and Palestine/Israel

Zionism Today, Paul Novick 1936

Zionism, Earl Browder 1936

Palestine: The Communist Position, Paul Novick 1936

Solution for Palestine. The Chamberlain White Paper, Paul Novick 1939

Crisis in Palestine, Moses Miller 1946

Wall Street Sells Out the Jewish State, Alexander Bittelman 1948

Israel and Dollar Diplomacy, Victor Perlo 1953

Which Way Israel?, A. B. Magil 1956

Which Way Israel?, Hyman Lumer 1966

War and Peace in the Middle East, 1967

Zionism: Its Role in World Politics, Hyman Lumer 1973

CPUSA - Freiheit/Jewish Currents Split

The Communist Party, U.S.A. in Crisis, Lucy S. Dawidowicz

Communist Party of Great Britain
Background Materials

The British Communist Party and Israel: From the Establishment of the Jewish State to the Invasion of Lebanon, [from June Edmunds' The Left’s Views on Israel: From the establishment of the Jewish state to the intifada 2013

British Palestine, British Communists, and the “Ideo-Logical” system of Labour Monthly, Emerson Bodde 2016

The Jewish Question

The Jewish Question, George Sacks 1938

Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question, I. Rennap 1942

Jews and the National Question, Hyman Levy 1958

Jews in the Socialist Countries
Canadian Communists

Family Quarrel: Joe Salsberg, the 'Jewish' Question and Canadian Communism, Gerald Tulchinsky 2005

Communist Party of Israel
Background Materials

Communism versus Zionism: The Comintern, Yishuvism, and the Palestine Communist Party, Johan Franzén 2007

Reflections on a Silenced History. The PCP and Internationalism, Musa Budeiri 2012

The Holidays of the Revolution. Myth, Ritual and Identity Among Tel Aviv Communists, 1919-1965, Amir Locker-Biletzki 2013

Joseph Berger, Communist Activist in Palestine and Victim of Stalinism (1904-1978), Mario Kessler 2014

Primary Works

War and Peace in the Middle East, 1967

Other Countries

The Last Battles of Old World Ideology in the Race for Identity and Communal Power: Communists vs. Bundists vs. Zionists in Mexico, 1938-1951, Adina Cemet-Singer 1967

The Jews in Algeria:

Decree declaring the Jews natives to Algeria to be French citizens, 1870

To the Israelites of Algeria, FLN-ALN General Staff 1962


Abram Leon

The Jewish Question, A Marxist Interpretation, Abram Leon. 1946

The 4th Internationals
International Socialists

By Tony Cliff:

British Policy in Palestine, October 1938

The Jewish-Arab Conflict, November 1938

Class Politics in Palestine, June 1939

Roots of Israel's violence, 1982.

The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust, 1998.



In General

The Birth of Israel, Jean-Paul Sartre 1949

The Pierre Goldman Affair.

Survivors, on the question of participation of Jews in May 1968 events in France

In the United States
Jewish Socialist Critique
In the UK
Jewish Socialist Group
In Israel

The Other Israel. A Critique of Zionist History and Policy, 1968

The Other Israel, Arie Bober, editor 1972

The unJewish State. The Politics of Jewish Identity in Israel, Avika Orr 1983

Israel: Politics, Myths and Identity Crises, Avika Orr 1994