<h3>End Attacks and Slanders
Jews, Marxism and the Worker's Movement

For Unity in the Progressive Movement: End Attacks and Slanders

First Published: Morning Freiheit, June 1, 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The following Resolution was unanimously adopted May 7th at a joint meeting in New York of the Morning Freiheit Editorial Staff, National Management Committee and the leaders of the Progressive Jewish organizations:

The nation-wide celebrations of the 53rd anniversary of the Morning Freiheit and the response to our financial drive show clearly the deep devotion of Jewish working people to the Morning Freiheit and their concern for its future.

This response is a demonstration of solidarity with the Morning Freiheit and with the positions it has taken on the critical issues and problems facing the American Jewish community and the country as a whole.

The Morning Freiheit remains the only progressive Jewish worker’s and people’s newspaper in the USA.

It is the deep conviction of its readers, friends and supporters that this newspaper is needed now more than ever.

In view of this, we regard the attacks on the Editor of the Morning Freiheit, Paul Novick, as utterly impermissible.

We refer to the disgraceful attacks in the publication Jewish Affairs, especially those by Herbert Aptheker and Hyman Lumer.

In an article that appeared in the March 29th issue of the Daily World, based on a speech he delivered at a Jewish Affairs banquet, Herbert Aptheker went so far as to assail Paul Novick as a “colonialist, chauvinist and annexationist” for his opposition to Arab terrorist attacks upon peaceful settlements in Israel – a method of struggle that Marxists have always bitterly condemned.

It is well known that Paul Novick and the Morning Freiheit speak out determinedly and with principled consistency against the acts of “retaliation” by Israel’s armed forces against Arab territories. It is also well known that Paul Novick and the Morning Freiheit fully support the rights of the Palestinian Arabs to self-determination and a state of their own.

We declare that the slanderous attacks by Herbert Aptheker, Hyman Lumer and others are directed not only against Paul Novick but also against the Morning Freiheit, as well as all progressive Jewish organizations in our country, and cause serious damage to die entire progressive movement. These are the actions of splitters and they must be decisively condemned.

We fully support Paul Novick’s reply to Herbert Aptheker in the Morning Freiheit of April 13 (reprinted in the English Section April 20th and 27th).

We fully support the statement of the Editorial Board of the Morning Freiheit (in behalf of the entire staff) published on April 25th, and signed by Chaim Suller, Co-Editor, and I. Freed, Managing Editor.

We endorse the resolution unanimously adopted by the Philadelphia Morning Freiheit Committee at the 53rd anniversary celebration there on April 13th, approving the position taken by the Morning Freiheit, its Editor, Paul Novick and the Editorial Staff, and condemning the attacks by Jewish Affairs.

We endorse the resolution adopted by the Los Angeles Morning Freiheit conference expressing full confidence in the position taken by the Morning Freiheit, its Editor Paul Novick and the Editorial Staff.

We demand that in the interests of the progressive movement, these attacks on the Morning Freiheit and on Paul Novick should cease!

We urge our readers and supporters to rally around the Morning Freiheit and safeguard the existence of the only American Jewish newspaper which fights for detente, for peace, for friendship among all peoples, against anti-Semitism and all other forms of racism, and for the interests of the Jewish people.

We urge that the integrity and unity of the progressive movement be maintained.


For the Morning Freiheit Editorial Staff:
Chaim Suller, Co-Editor
I. Freed, Managing Editor

For the National Management:
Abraham Kolb, Chairman
Charles Stein, Secretary

(Transl. by I.K.)