Jews, Marxism and the Worker's Movement

Meir Yaari, General Secretary of MAPAM

Israel 1968: On the Road to Socialism

(Originally published in Hebrew under the title: “In the Name of Unity and Independence”)


First Published: 1969.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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From the Editors of the English Edition

Detailed Table of Contents


Part One: The Struggle for Political Independence, Peace and Security

Part Two: The Integration of National Development and Class Struggle

Part Three: On the Road to Socialism

Part Four: On the Road to the Unification of the workers’ Movement


A. MAPAM Peace Program

B. October 50th Anniversary Proclamation

C. Resolution on Jewish-Arab Brotherhood

D. Resolution on the United Front

E. MAPAM: Facts and Data

F. Proclaimation of the Party Congress