<h3>The Daily World And the Holocaust Against the Jews
Jews, Marxism and the Worker's Movement

The Daily World And the Holocaust Against the Jews

First Published: Morning Freiheit, February 10, 1985.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Was there a Jewish Holocaust? Did the Nazis exterminate six million Jews?

Yes. There are, however, those who deny it vehemently–such as a “professor” in Chicago, an Israel-baiter in Toronto, or a nazi in West Germany. Indeed, there are such scoundrels. But what about the Daily World–what do they think?

We pose the question apropos an editorial in the Daily World of January 31 headed, “The U.S. and Mengele.” The editorial starts out by reporting that at the end of World War II, the sadistic killer of Auschwitz, Josef Mengele, the notorious “Angel of Death,” was in the hands of the American Military Command–which, it was recently revealed, released him.

Mengele, the editorial recalls, was the Auschwitz “doctor” who “is accused of unbelievable abhorrent crimes. Four million people were slaughtered by the nazis in Auschwitz.” One might ask: Who were these four million?

Isn’t it a fact that in their overwhelming majority they were Jews– men, women and children? And who is pursuing Mengele relentlessly:–is it not perchance such Jews as Simon Wiesenthal and the Klarsfelds (Serge Klarsfeld and his wife, the dauntless Beatte)?

Moreover: the unspeakable Mengele affair was revived just three days prior to the appearance of the Daily World editorial. On January 28, the New York Times published a stirring account, cabled from Auschwitz by its correspondent Michael T. Kaufman, of the meeting of two sisters–twins–Eva Koor of Terre Haute, Indiana, and Miriam Zeiger of Ashklon, Israel. They met in the former death camp together with other Jewish twins upon whom Mengele practiced his barbaric “experiments.” The Times writer reported that a public trial of Mengele is being planned in Jerusalem, and that the prosecutor will be Gideon Hausner who performed the same function at the Eichmann trial in Israel’s capital.

The cabled report to the Times dealt throughout with Jews, as Mengele’s victims–while in the Daily World editorial, the Mengele nightmare had absolutely nothing to do with Jews. In the entire editorial the word “Jew” is never mentioned. It would seem that even in an editorial about Mengele and his “experiments” it is verboten to say that Jews were the victims. Consequently, there’s not a word in the editorial about the forthcoming gathering in Jerusalem of the tortured Jewish twins who were Mengele’s victims. Is it that such “trivialities” are “not fit to print” in the Daily World? Yet in the same editorial when another Nazi murderer, Walter Reder is mentioned, it is made clear that he was “jailed in Italy for murdering hundreds of Italians” (emphasis ours). That is correct–Reder did kill hundreds of Italians. That is the proper way to report that fact. The victims must be specified. It would seem that this is done with all victims of the Nazis except when they are Jewish victims. Even when the subject is Mengele and his “experiments,” Jews must not be mentioned.

Could it be that those who do not make a point of mentioning the Jews, really believe that the “tales” about the annihilation of six million Jews are nothing but unadulterated fiction?