<h3>Shmuel Mikunis Leaves MAKI, Joins Esther Vilenska Group
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Shmuel Mikunis Leaves MAKI, Joins Esther Vilenska Group

First Published: Morning Freiheit, June 15, 1975.
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TEL AVIV, Israel – Shmuel Mikunis, die veteran leader of the Israeli Communist movement, left the MAKI Communist Party which he headed for almost thirty years. On May 25th Mikunis joined the Israel Communist Opposition (AKI) which was founded by Esther Vilenska and her associates who left MAKI two years ago.

Mikunis has for some time been at odds with the present leaders of MAKI, Raoul Teiteibaum and Yair Tzaban, who advocated dissolving MAKI and merging its membership with the Blue-Red Movement, a new Socialist-Zionist organization. In the December 1973 Knesset elections, MAKI and the Blue-Red Movement formed a joint slate under the name of MOKED and elected one member to the Knesset, Gen. Meir Pa’il. Mikunis had argued unsuccessfully that MAKI should cooperate with the Blue-Red Movement but not merge with it. He resigned his long held position as MAKI general-secretary last November and broke with MAKI entirely last month. MAKI is expected to merge with the Blue-Red Movement in June.