<h3>Israeli CP Leaders Condemn Terror Against Civilians
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Israeli CP Leaders Condemn Terror Against Civilians

First Published: Morning Freiheit, April 27, 1975.
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(Special to the Morning Freiheit) Via Mail TEL AVIV. Rakah – the Communist Party of Israel – whose leaders are Meir Vilner and Toufik Toubi – have issued a statement sharply condemning the March 5th terrorist attack on the Savoy Hotel in this city.

Their statement, published on the front page of Der Veg on March 12 reads as follows:

“The attack on the Savoy Hotel, the holding of innocent persons as hostages and threatening their lives – was a criminal act that should be vigorously condemned. Such acts must be rejected in principle as a method of struggle since they serve no just purpose.” The statement said further that

“The policy of the government should be condemned for using force, thus adding fuel to the fire instead of doing everything possible to save human lives.”

The Rakah leaders called for ending the “tragic bloody circle” and “striving for solutions to the basic problems of the conflict.”

Since it has come to our attention that some people in New York who claim to be Marxists, take the position that terror is permissible, we believe it important to register the position taken by the Israeli CP (Rakah) against terrorism. Similar declarations have come from leaders of Rakah whenever terrorist acts are committed against civilians.