<h3>MAKI Communists in Israel Decide to Dissolve
Jews, Marxism and the Worker's Movement

MAKI Communists in Israel Decide to Dissolve

First Published: Morning Freiheit,May 25, 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The leadership of MAKI, one of the three Communist organizations in Israel, decided on April 19th to dissolve itself and join MOKED, a left-Zionist movement headed by the Knesset member Gen. Meir Pa’il. MAKI had been led for many years by Shmuel Mikunis, the late Dr. Moshe Sneh and by Esther Vilenska who now heads AKI, the Israel Communist Opposition which split off from MAKI two years ago. The principal leaders of MAKI are now Raul Teitelbaum and Yair Tzaban.

Shmuel Mikunis who is 72 years old resigned from his position of MAKI general-secretary last November because of policy differences with the Tzaban-Teitelbaum leadership but remained a member of its Political Bureau. Mikunis opposed the proposal to dissolve MAKI and has differed with the leadership on its program for an Arab-Israel peace settlement.