The Minneapolis Truckers Strike of 1934

From the Minneapolis Labor Review

From the Headlines:

“Inciting Strike Is Charged To Alliance”

Written: 1934
First Published: May 14, 1934
Source: Minneapolis Labor Review, May 14, 1934, Volume 27, No. 404. Official organ of Minneapolis Central Labor Union and Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Building Trades Council, the United Card and Label Council, and the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association .
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive, 2004
Transcribed/HTML Markup: David Walters for the Marxists Internet Archive History section. Originally transcribed by the Labor Review Archive Project, in PDF format, initiated by the The Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council and the Minneapolis Labor Review.

Reported Urging Employers To Reject All Demands Big General Drivers’ Union

Alleged attempts of the Citizens Alliance to precipitate a strike of thousands of Drivers and Chauffeurs, members of General Drivers’ Local Union No. 574 was denounced by officers of the Union Wednesday.

It was reported that a man said to be named Schroeder of the Citizens Alliance had harangued a meeting of employers at the West Hotel Tuesday morning urging them to refuse to grant any of the demands of the Union.

It was reported that m the fervor aroused by seeing his meal ticket slipping that Schroeder made a very heated appeal to the employers.

However, it was learned that among the employers present were several who it was reported had been promised by the Citizens Alliance (luring the last Drivers’ strike that if they suffered any loss the Alliance would make it good. These people are said to be still waiting to have their losses made good. The man’s hokum, whoever he was, addressing the meeting, did not get across very well.

Monday night the General Drivers’ union held another overflow meeting in the big hail at 614 First avenue No., and voted the demands to he presented to the employers.

Tuesday afternoon a committee from the ’Union and a committee from the Employers held their first conference.

William Brown, Miles Dunne, Ferrell(sic) Dobbs, Cliff Hall, Carl Skoglund and Grant Dunne represented the Union. Employers were represented by Hosmer Brown, William Hardin and Joe Cochran.