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Jacob Burck Cartoons
Hunger and Revolt



Digital Archivists introduction to Hunger and Revolt: Cartoons by Burck

This hardcover book, (c) 1935 (copyright not renewed, hence in the public domain), consists of roughly 120 cartoons drawn by Jacob Burck.

In the table of contents provided in the printed book, we are given the page number for the start of each of various sections of the book (cartoons about the Socialist Party, the N.R.A., the Farmer, the Negro, etc.) There are 11 such sections, plus a text Introduction and a Biographical Note.

Each section is introduced by a different writer, and the name of the writer is given. For example, Michael Gold introduces the section of cartoons on Unemployment, and Langston Hughes introduces the section on The Negro.

However, there is no table of contents or index provided for each individual cartoon, listing it by title or content. This I have added to this digital archive.

The physical printed book is laid out in a fashion that presents further problems for the digital archivist:

The pages are 8.5 x 11 inches in size. But only half of them bear Jacob Burck cartoons. Only those on the right hand side of any two given facing pages. The left hand side (even numbered) page is nearly blank throughout the book (except for text introduction areas), except for a bold face, large point type few words which are the caption for the cartoon on the right.

Martin H. Goodman, MD
January 2013
Digital Archivist for the Riazanov Library Digital Archive Project

Hunger and Revolt: Cartoons by Burck Presented in high resolution PDF. 35mb is size.

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