Jacob Burck

Jacob Burck was a cartoonist in the Communist Party USA's orbit from 1926 to 1936 or so.
He later won a Pulitzer Prize drawing for mainstream newspapers as a syndicated cartoonist.

Jacob Burck 1935 Imperialism's world outlook The Strikers are Coming!
Portrait of Jacob Burck, 1935
Imperialism's World Outlook
New Masses, May 1 1934
The Strikers are Coming!
New Masses, August 7 1934
Class Against Class A Working Class Bulwark Shake!
Class Against Class
The Daily Worker, early 1930s
A Working Class Bulwark
Daily Worker, circa 1934
Daily Worker, circa 1934
The Race for Markets The Law Makers The Communist
The Race for Markets
The Daily Worker, circa 1934
The Law Makers
The Daily Worker, circa 1933
The Communist, cover
October 1930