8 March 1918
VKP (b), i, p. 320

    Since we have no army, since our troops at the front are in a most critical state of demoralization, and since we must make use of every possibility, however slight, of a breathing-space before the imperialist attack on the Soviet Socialist Republic begins, the Congress recognizes the necessity of ratifying the most onerous and humiliating peace treaty which the Soviet Government signed with Germany.

    At this time, when the era of socialist revolution has opened, recurrent military attacks on Soviet Russia by the imperialist States (both from the west and the east) are historically inevitable. The. historical inevitability of such attacks, given the extremely acute stage now reached both in the internal class relations and in the international situation, may at any moment, perhaps in the immediate future, perhaps within the next few days, lead to an imperialistic offensive against the socialist movement in general and against the Russian Socialist Republic in particular.

    In these circumstances the Congress declares that the primary and basic task of our party, of the entire vanguard of the class-conscious proletariat, and of the Soviet Government is to take the most vigorous, ruthlessly resolute and draconian steps to improve the discipline and self-discipline of the workers and peasants of Russia, to explain the historical inevitability of this patriotic and socialist war of liberation which Russia will soon have to wage, to create everywhere organizations strong in their close bonds and in their single iron will, and capable of acting together selflessly at all times and especially at critical moments in the life of the nation, and, finally, to give comprehensive and systematic military instruction and training to the entire adult population, without distinction of sex.

    The Congress observes that the only promising guarantee for the consolidation of the socialist revolution, which has triumphed in Russia, is its'transformation into an international workers' revolution.

    The Congress is convinced that from the point of view of the interests of the international revolution the step taken by the Soviet Government was inevitable and necessary, given the present correlation of international forces.

    Believing that the workers' revolution is steadily growing in all the belligerent countries and is preparing the inevitable and complete defeat of capitalism, the Congress declares that the socialist proletariat of Russia will do everything within its power and will use all its resources to help the fraternal revolutionary movement of the proletariat of all countries.

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