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Eduard Bernstein
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“Their influence would be much greater than it is to-day if the social democracy could find the courage to emancipate itself from a phraseology which is actually outworn and if it would make up its mind to appear what it is in reality to-day: a democratic, socialistic party of reform.” – Evolutionary Socialism

Eduard Bernstein

Originally a collaborator of Engels, Eduard Bernstein became the foremost theoretician of revisionism, the theoretical expression of the growing reformism within German and international Social Democracy at the end of the 19th century. Initially his arguments were rebuffed at the 1903 Party Congress in Dresden but increasingly Bernstein’s conceptions became enshrined in the actual political practice of the party.

In another sphere Bernstein was also a political pioneer, although this time in a more progressive sense. He was one of the first socialists to deal sympathetically with the issue of homosexuality.



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