Eduard Bernstein

Cromwell and Communism

Transcriber’s Note

This book was part of a historical series initiated by Kautsky under the title Vorläufer des neueren Sozialismus (Forerunners of Modern Socialism). The original German title of this book, written by Bernstein is Kommunistische und demokratisch-sozialistische Strömungen während der englischen Revolution des 17. Jahhunderts. A fourth edition appeared in 1922 from which this was translated and published in 1930 by Allen and Unwin. In that edition the notes are at the bottom of the page. They have been transferred to the end of each chapter and renumbered accordingly.

Despite being a brilliant Marxist interpretation of the Civil War and though in part superseded by more modern scholarship, the fact that Bernstein became a non-person among mainstream Marxists after his falling out with Kautsky, meant that this work is seldom cited and has been much neglected.

Among other works in this historical series found on the Marxist Internet Archive are Kautsky’s works on Thomas More, The German Reformation and the Origins of Christianity, all save the last being much ignored.

Any textual errors are the responsibility of the transcriber Ted Crawford.


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