Auguste Blanqui 1839

Appeal of the Committee of the
Society of the Seasons

Source: Auguste Blanqui, Textes Choisis, avec preface et notes par V.P. Volguine, Editions Sociales, Paris, 1971;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2004.

May 12, 1839

To arms, Citizens!

The fatal hour has rung for the oppressors.

The cowardly tyrant of the Tuileries laughs at the hunger that tears at the guts of the people. But the measure of his crimes is full. They are finally going to receive their punishment.

Betrayed France, the blood of our murdered brothers cry out to you and demand vengeance. Let it be terrible, for it has delayed too long. Let exploitation perish, and may equality triumphantly assume its seat on the intermingled debris of royalty and aristocracy.

The provisional government has chosen military chiefs for the guiding of the combat. These chiefs come from your ranks. Follow them! They will lead you to victory.

Their names are:

Auguste Blanqui, Commander-in-Chief; Barbés, Martin-Bernard, Quignot, Meillard, Nétré, Divisional Commanders of the Republican Army.

Arise, People, and your enemies will disappear like dust before a hurricane! Strike, exterminate without pity the vile henchmen, tyranny’s voluntary accomplices. But extend your hand to those soldiers who come from your midst and who will never turn their parricidal arms against you.

Forward! Vive la République!

The members of the Provisional Government:

Barbés, Voyer d’Argenson, Auguste Blanqui, Lamennais, Martin-Bernard, Dubosc, Laponeraye.

Paris, May 12, 1839