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General Carl von Clausewitz (1827)

On War

New and Revised Edition with an Introduction and Notes by Colonel F.N. Maude C.B. (Late R.E.)

Written: circa 1827
First Published: after Clausewitz's death in 1831
Source: 1874, 1st edition of the translation.
Translated: from the German by Colonel J.J. Graham
Transcription/Markup: by Charles Keller for Project Gutenberg/Brian Baggins, Andy Blunden
Copyleft: Clausewitz Reference Archive (marxists.org) 2003. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.


Introduction Col. F. N. Maude
Preface by Marie von Clausewitz
Notice by Clausewitz
Introduction by the author
Memorandum (written by Clausewitz shortly before his death)

Book I: On the Nature of War

Chpt. 1 What is War?
Chpt. 2 End and Means in War
Chpt. 3 The Genius for War
Chpt. 4 Of Danger in War
Chpt. 5 Of Bodily Exertion in War
Chpt. 6 Information in War
Chpt. 7 Friction in War
Chpt. 8 Concluding Remarks

Book II: On the Theory of War

Chpt. 1 Branches of the Art of War
Chpt. 2 On the Theory of War
Chpt. 3 Art or Science of War
Chpt. 4 Methodicism
Chpt. 5 Criticism
Chpt. 6 On Examples

Book III: Of Strategy in General

Chpt. 1 Strategy
Chpt. 2 Elements of Strategy
Chpt. 3 Moral Forces
Chpt. 4 The Chief Moral Powers
Chpt. 5 Military Virtue of an Army
Chpt. 6 Boldness
Chpt. 7 Perseverance
Chpt. 8 Superiority of Numbers
Chpt. 9 The Surprise
Chpt. 10 Stratagem
Chpt. 11 Assembly of Forces in Space
Chpt. 12 Assembly of Forces in Time
Chpt. 13 Strategic Reserve
Chpt. 14 Economy of Forces
Chpt. 15 Geometrical Element
Chpt. 16 On the Suspension of the Act in War
Chpt. 17 On the Character of Modern War
Chpt. 18 Tension and Rest

Book IV: The Combat

Chpt. 1 Introductory
Chpt. 2 Character of the Modern Battle
Chpt. 3 The Combat in General
Chpt. 4 The Combat in General (continuation)
Chpt. 5 On the Signification of the Combat
Chpt. 6 Duration of the Combat
Chpt. 7 Decision of the Combat
Chpt. 8 Mutual Understanding as to a Battle
Chpt. 9 The Battle
Chpt. 10 Effects of Victory
Chpt. 11 The Use of the Battle
Chpt. 12 Strategic Means of Utilising Victory
Chpt. 13 Retreat after a lost Battle
Chpt. 14 Night Fighting