Protection of Women and Children in Soviet Russia



1. In order to confirm your pregnancy go to your local Point of Consultation. From the second month of pregnancy, it is advisable to visit the clinic not less than once a week.

2. During the first half of pregnancy, it is necessary to visit the dentist to insure that the teeth are in perfect order as pregnancy is hard on them.

3. Bathing is important. Go to the public baths at least once a week if you haven't a private one. The temperature of the water must not be over 35 deg. (C) and more than 15-20 minutes in the water is dangerous.

4. It is necessary to wash the external sexual organs every day with warm water and soap.

5. From the second half of pregnancy it is necessary to begin having the nipples cared for in order to prepare them for feeding by toughening them.

6. It is not advisable to wear shoes with high heels or with tight fastenings for they hinder the blood circulation and produce swelling in the legs.

7. During the first half of pregnancy, the nourishment can consist of the usual diet except that it is well to decrease the amount of meat. During the second half of pregnancy, the diet must be more limited. Food during the last two months must be mainly milk and vegetables.

8. Drink must consist of water, milk, soups, tea, and coffee in moderate quantities. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Unlimited amounts of fruit juices may be drunk.

9. Two hour walks in the open air are necessary. They will improve the appetite, will insure quiet sleep and will prevent constipation.

10. It is not advisable to do any lifting, to work for a long time in a standing or bending position, or to climb high staircases because all these tire the heart.

11. Avoid dancing, jumping, riding on bicycles and omnibuses because they can produce a premature birth.

12. Smoking and being in rooms full of smoke are absolutely prohibited because nicotine poisons not only the woman but her future child.

13. Coitus during the first half of pregnancy must not occur more than once a week. It must cease two months before the birth is expected.