Hegel’s Shorter Logic

Source: “Hegel’s Logic” with Foreword by J N Findlay;
Translated: by William Wallace;
Published: Clarendon Press 1975;
First Published: 1873.
This early translation is not the best, but is by far the most widely known and quoted, and is based on the most developed text of 1830, with explanatory notes added by Leopold von Hemming, Michelet et al;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden, 1997;
Proofread: by Bob Lippold.

Foreword (1973)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

  II Preliminary Notion
  III First Attitude
   IV Empiricism  —  Critical Philosophy
  V Immediate Knowledge
  VI Logic Defined  —  Division of Logic

VII. Being

A Quality  — B Quantity  — C Measure

VIII. Essence

A Reflection  — B Appearance  — C Actuality

IX. Notion

A Subject  — B Object  — C Idea