MIA: Enver Hoxha Archive: The Khruschevites

Color photo of Khruschev

Publisher: The Institutes of Marxist-Leninist Studies at the CC of the PLA, Tirana, 1980
Transcription: Enver Hoxha Website
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1. In-Fighting Among the Top Soviet Leaders

2. Khruschev’s Strategy and Tactics within the Soviet Union

3. Not Marxist-Leninists But Hucksters

4. The Touch-Stone

5. The “Mother Party” Wants to be the Conductor

6. The Official Proclamation of Revisionism

7. Designing the Empire

8. My First and Last Visit to China

9. The “Demons” Escape From Control

10. Temporary Retreat in Order to Take Revenge

11. “The Carrot” and “The Stick”

12. From Bucharest to Moscow

13. The Final Act