MIA: Enver Hoxha Archive: Yugoslav "Self-Administration"

Enver Hoxha

Yugoslav "Self-Administration" -- Capitalist Theory and Practice

(Against the anti-socialist views of E. Kardelj in the book "Directions of the Development of the Political System of Socialist Self-Administration")

Original Publisher: Institute of Marxist-Leninist studies of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania, Tirana, 1978.
This edition: Marxists Internet Archive, May 2010.
Source Text: Original text "Die jugoslawische 'Selbstverwaltung' kapitalistische Theorie und Praxis"
Translation: From the German, by Arne Rjevan.
HTML Markup: Juan Fajardo.


1. A Brief Excursion on the History of the Titoite Revisionists

2. The System of "Self-Administration" in the Economy

3. "Self-Administration" and the Anarchist Views on the State. The National Question in Yugoslavia

4. The System of Self-Administration and the Denial of the Leading Role of the Party

5. Political-Ideological Pluralism, "Democracy" and "Socialist" Construction in Yugoslavia