Liu Shaoqi

Internationalism and Nationalism

VI. Conclusion: Genuine Patriotism is Intimately Connected with Internationalism

The above represents the point of view and principles of Marxism-Leninism - of Communists - on the national question. These are the point of view and principles of proletarian internationalism closely connected with patriotism.

It is clear that the genuine patriotism of the masses of the people in all countries is not in contradiction to proletarian internationalism, but is, rather, intimately connected with it. During the period of the Anti-Japanese War, Comrade Mao Tse-tung wrote: “ For us, patriotism is intimately connected with internationalism. Our slogan is - Fight against aggression, in defence of our Fatherland.” “ Patriotism is the application of internationalism in the national revolutionary war.” Needless to say, these remarks fully accord with our present revolutionary war.

Lenin evaluated patriotism as one of the most profound manifestations of the sentiments of countries in the process of consolidation after having been split up in the course of many centuries of even millenniums.

Genuine patriotism means fervent love or one’ s own fatherland, its people, language, culture, literature and best traditions, behind which lie thousands of years and generations of historical development. This kind of patriotism has no connection whatsoever with self-centred, selfish, and anti-foreign bourgeois nationalism, nor with such national prejudices as narrow-minded exclusivism, isolationism, sectarianism and provincialism, which reflect the sentiments of the small peasant and backward patriarchal system

Genuine patriotism respects the equality of other nationalities and at the same time cherishes the hope of realising the best ideals of mankind in one’ s own country while defending the unity of all peoples of all countries. On the other hand, reactionary bourgeois nationalism fans mutual hatred and hostility between nations, while the national prejudices of the old backward patriarchal system isolate their own nationals from the rest of the world, causing them to sink within the narrow confines of their own stagnating outlook. We must resolutely reject both of these positions.

The foregoing has presented a brief explanation of proletarian internationalism as opposed to bourgeois nationalism. At present, both inside and outside of our Party, considerable misunderstanding and confusion exist in regard to proletarian internationalism and bourgeois nationalism. Moreover, the fascist elements are carrying on extremely reactionary and demagogic propaganda regarding this question. It would be extremely harmful to the Chinese people’ s present liberation movement if these misunderstandings and confusions were not cleared up, and if fascist propaganda were not exposed. This article has been written in the hope that it will help to clear up these misunderstandings and confusions as well as to expose the fascist propaganda.

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