Liu Shaoqi

Internationalism and Nationalism *

Written/Published: 1952
Source: Pamphlet
First Published: Foreign Languages Press
Online Version: Liu Shaoqi Reference Archive, January 2004
Transcription and Markup: Kenneth Higham and Roland Ferguson

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I. The Bourgeois-Nationalist Concept of the Nation

II. The Proletarian-Internationalist Concept of the Nation

III. The Present Conditions of Oppressor Nations and Oppressed Nations

IV. The Two Great Camps in the World of Today and the Path of the National Liberation Movement

V.The Progressive Character of Bourgeois Nationalism in Given Historical Conditions and the Marxist-Leninist Attitude Toward Such Nationalism

VI. Conclusion: Genuine Patriotism is Intimately Connected with Internationalism

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* Errata were originally included within the source pamphlet following the text. These notes have been inserted by MIA transcribers as hyperlinks placed at their respective points of reference.