Liu Shaoqi

Internationalism and Nationalism


The revolution concerning the Communist Party of Yugoslavia adopted by the Information Bureau of the Communist Workers' Parties of Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Poland the U.S.S.R., France, Czechoslovakia and Italy condemned the anti-Soviet position of the Tito clique - renegades of the proletariat.

The resolution pointed out that this anti-Soviet position of the Tito clique proceeds from the nationalistic programme of the bourgeoisie and is leading to a betrayal of the cause of international unity of the working people and to a nationalist position. The resolution stated: “Such a nationalist position can only lead to Yugoslavia's denegation into an ordinary bourgeois republic, to the loss of its independence and to its transformation into a colony of the imperialist countries.”

The resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Yugoslav Party also pointed out that the Tito clique, because of its betrayal of a series of fundamental viewpoints of Marxism -Leninism, had fallen into the mire of bourgeois nationalism and bourgeois parties.. At the same time, our Central Committee pointed out that by passing this resolution, the Information Bureau was “fulfilling its obligations to the cause of preserving world peace and democracy, and of defending the people of Yugoslavia from the deception and aggression of American imperialism.”

What, then, is bourgeois nationalism? What is the relation between Marxism-Leninism and the national question? Why is it that the anti-Soviet position of the Tito clique will make Yugoslavia a prey to the deception and aggression of American imperialism, and forfeit her independence, thereby transforming her into a colony of imperialism? The purpose of this article is to answer these questions. In order to clarify these questions, it will be necessary to deal with some of the basic problems of the present-day world situation.

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