J. V. Stalin

Speech at a Meeting of the
Central Committee

October 16, 1917

Source : Works, Vol. 3, March - October, 1917
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2008
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The day for the uprising must be properly chosen. It is only in this sense that the resolution must be understood. 1 We must wait for the government to attack, it is said. But let us be clear what attack means. When bread prices are raised, when Cossacks are dispatched to the Donets area, etc.—that is already an attack. How long should we wait if there is no military attack? Objectively, what Kamenev and Zinoviev propose would enable the counter-revolution to prepare and organize. We would be retreating without end and would lose the revolution. Why should we not ensure for ourselves the possibility of choosing the day and the conditions for the uprising, so as to deprive the counter-revolution of the possibility of organizing?

Comrade Stalin then proceeded to analyze the international situation, and argued that there must now be more confidence. There are two policies: one is heading towards the victory of the revolution and looks to Europe: the other has no faith in the revolution and counts on being only an opposition. The Petrograd Soviet has already taken the path of insurrection by refusing to sanction the withdrawal of the troops. The navy has already risen, in so far as it has gone against Kerensky. Hence, we must firmly and irrevocably take the path of insurrection.


A Brief Minute
Made at the Plenary Meeting
of the Central Committee


1. The reference is to the resolution drafted by V. I. Lenin andadopted by the Central Committee of the R.S.D.L.P.(B.)on October 10, 1917 (see V. I. Lenin, Works, 4th Russ. ed.,Vol. 26, p. 162).