J. V. Stalin

The Re-organisation of State Control

Report Delivered at a Meeting of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee April 9, 1919 (Newspaper Report)

April 10, 1919

Source : Works, Vol. 4, November, 1917 - 1920
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953
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Comrade Stalin pointed out that the department of State Control was the only one which had not undergone the purging and reconstruction to which all the others had been subjected. To achieve real and genuine control, not control on paper, it was necessary, in the opinion of the speaker, to re-organize the existing State Control staff by replenishing it with new and fresh forces. The existing workers' control bodies should be united into a single whole, and all the forces engaged in control should be incorporated in the general State Control. Hence, the basic idea of the re-organization was to democratize State Control and to bring it into closer contact with the masses of workers and peasants.

The draft decree 1 submitted by the speaker was unanimously approved.

Izvestia, No. 77, April 10, 1919



1.The draft decree on the re-organization of State Control was drawn up by a commission which included J. V. Stalin and Y. M. Sverdlov. The draft was examined by the Council of People's Commissars at sittings on March 8 and April 3, 1919, at which J. V. Stalin made the reports on the draft. V. I. Lenin took a direct part in the drafting and final framing of the decree.