J. V. Stalin

Telegram to V. I. Lenin

October 26, 1919

Source : Works, Vol. 4, November, 1917 - 1920
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2009
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The Cavalry Corps of Shkuro and Mamontov, created after such long effort by the Entente and Denikin as the backbone of the counter-revolution, have been utterly routed at Voronezh by Comrade Budyonny’s Cavalry Corps. Voronezh is in the hands of the Red heroes. A mass of trophies has been captured and is now being counted. It is already ascertained that all the enemy’s personally named armoured trains have been captured, the General Shkuro Armoured Train first among them. Pursuit of the routed enemy continues. The halo of invincibility created around the names of Generals Mamontov and Shkuro has been shattered by the valour of the Red heroes of Comrade Budyonny’s Cavalry Corps.

Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front


October 25, 1919

Petrogradskaya Pravda, No. 244, October 26, 1919