J. V. Stalin

Telegram to V. I. Lenin

June 25, 1920

Source : Works, Vol. 4, November, 1917 - 1920
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2009
Public Domain : Marxists Internet Archive (2009). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit "Marxists Internet Archive" as your source.

Revishin, a front-line general, who was taken prisoner by our forces on the Crimean Front on June 10, has stated in my presence: a) Wrangel's army is getting its clothing, guns, rifles, tanks and sabres chiefly from the British, and also from the French; b) Wrangel is being aided from the sea by big British ships and small French ships; c) Wrangel is getting fuel (liquid) from Batum (this means that Baku must not supply fuel to Tiflis, which can sell it to Batum); d) General Erdeli, who was interned by Georgia and was to be turned over to us, was already in the Crimea in May (which means that Georgia is playing false and deceiving us).

General Revishin's testimony on British and French aid to Wrangel is being stenographed and a copy signed by him will be sent you as material for Chicherin.


June 25, 1920