J. V. Stalin

Working Women and Peasant Women Remember and Carry Out Ilyich's Behests !

January 5, 1925

Source : Works, Vol. 7, 1925
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2008
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A year ago, departing from us, the great leader and teacher of the working people, our Lenin, bequeathed to us his behests, indicated the road along which we must go to the final victory of communism. Carry out these behests of Ilyich, working women and peasant women! Bring up your children in the spirit of these behests!

Comrade Lenin bequeathed to us the behest to strengthen with all our might the alliance of the workers and peasants. Then strengthen this alliance, working women and peasant women!

Comrade Lenin taught the toiling people to support the working class in its struggle against the bourgeoisie, home and foreign. Remember this behest, working women and peasant women! Support the rule of the working class which is building a new life!

Comrade Lenin taught us to hold high the banner of the Communist Party, the leader of all the oppressed. Then rally round this Party, working women and peasant women—it is your Party!

On the anniversary of Ilyich's death, the Party issues the watchword—more scope for the working women and peasant women who, with the Party, are building a new life!

J. Stalin


Written January 5, 1925 Published in the magazine Rabotnitsa, No. 1, January 1925