J. V. Stalin

The tasks of the Magazine
Krasnaya Molodyozh1

January 1925

Source : Works, Vol. 7, 1925
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
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In his interview with the members of the editorial board, Comrade Stalin, dealing with the tasks of the magazine, said :

The chief task the magazine should set itself is to encourage the proletarian non-Party students to take an active part in the work of the Soviet Government and of the Communist Party. The magazine will accomplish this only when it becomes a real Soviet students' magazine. There are still, of course, a number of defects in the work of higher educational institutions, organs of the People's Commissariat of Education, etc. The students, who know these defects better than anybody else, should systematically expose and criticise them, point them out, so that by common effort we may improve our work. It is therefore necessary, on a wide scale, to encourage the best of the non-Party proletarian students to write for the magazine. The students must feel that it is their own magazine, a means of facilitating their work and development.

Referring to the tasks of some of the departments of the magazine, Comrade Stalin pointed out:

The political departments of the magazine should deal only with the major questions of the work of the Party and the Soviet Government. There is no need to duplicate other magazines. Every organ of the press in our Union ought to have its own definite place in the general work. The departments: "Student Life," "Literature," and "Science and Technology," should be considerably enlarged. Those are the departments in which the students themselves can take an active part and show what they can do. It is also necessary to get the students, as well as lecturers and professors, to elaborate various problems in the department: "Reform of Higher Education."

If the magazine acts in keeping with the slogan "closer to the students," it will be better able to perform its function and really become the Soviet students' own organ.


The magazine Krasnaya Molodyozh, No. 1 (5), January 1925


1.Krasnaya Molodyozh (Red Youth) — a monthly students' magazine published by the Central Bureau and Moscow Bureau of Proletarian Students from May 1924 to November 1925. V. M. Molotov was the editor-in-chief. In November 1925 the name of the magazine was changed to Krasnoye Studenchestvo (Red Students).