J. V. Stalin

Speech at the Funeral of M. V. Frunze

November 3, 1925

Source : Works, Vol. 7, 1925
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2008
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Comrades, I cannot make a long speech. In my present state of mind I am not in the mood for that. I shall say, merely, that in Comrade Frunze we have lost one of the purest, most honest and most fearless revolutionaries of our time.

In Comrade Frunze, the Party has lost one of its most faithful and most disciplined leaders.

In Comrade Frunze, the Soviet Government has lost one of the boldest and wisest builders of our country and of our state.

In Comrade Frunze, the Army has lost one of its most beloved and respected leaders and creators.

That is why the Party so deeply mourns the loss of Comrade Frunze.

Comrades, this year has been an affliction to us. It has torn a number of leading comrades from our midst. But it appears that this was not enough; still another sacrifice was needed. Perhaps it is indeed necessary that our old comrades should so easily and simply go down to their graves. Unfortunately, our young comrades do not so easily and by no means so simply come to the fore to take the place of the old ones.

Let us believe and hope that the Party and the working class will take all measures to facilitate the forging of new cadres to take the place of the old.

The Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party has instructed me to express the grief of the whole Party at the loss of Comrade Frunze.

Let my short speech be the expression of that grief, which is boundless, and does not need long speeches.


Pravda, No. 253, November 5, 1925