J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day

Addressed to Marshal Govorov

September 22, 1944

TROOPS of the Leningrad Front, as a result of a vigorous offensive, to-day, September 22, captured the capital of the Esthonian S.S.R., the town of Tallinn (Reval), an important naval base and large port on the Baltic Sea.

In the fighting for the capture of Tallinn distinction was won by troops commanded by Lieut.-Gen. Starikov, Lieut.-Gen. Fedyuninsky, Maj.-Gen. Trubachev, the Esthonian Corps commanded by Lieut.-Gen. Pern, Lieut.-Gen. Simonyak, Maj.-Gen. Yastrebov and Col. Zinovyev; Artillerymen commanded by Col.-Gen. of Artillery Odintsev, Maj.-Gen. of Artillery Pochitolin, Maj.-Gen. of Artillery Kazakov, Maj.-Gen. of Artillery Koznov, Col. Petrov, Col. Aru, Col. Tolkushev, Col. Skorobogatov, Col. Alferov, Lieut.-Col. Shulyaev, Lieut.-Col. Khrushch and Lieut.-Col. Popov; Tankmen commanded by Lieut.-Gen. of Tank Troops Baranov, Maj.-Gen. of Tank Troops Zazimko, Col. Kovalevsky, Lieut.-Col. Sayenkov, Lieut.-Col. Kartashev, Maj. Chernykh, Maj. Kuznetsov, Lieut.-Col. Gritsev, Lieut.-Col. Kuzin, Lieut.-Col. Kuslaku and Lieut.-Col. Chesnokov; Airmen commanded by Lieut.-Gen. of Aviation Rybalchenko, Lieut.-Gen. of Aviation Samokhin, Maj.-Gen. of Aviation Andreyev, Maj.-Gen. of Aviation Antonov, Col. Matveyev, Col. Khatminsky, Col. Greskov, Col. Kurochkin, Col. Monzhosov, Col. Chelnokov and Lieut.-Col. Mekhannikov; Sappers commanded by Lieut.-Gen. of Engineering Troops Bychevsky, Col. Akatov, Lieut.-Col. Afanasyev, Maj. Chartsov, Maj. Fomenko and Maj. Voronov and signallers commanded by Lieut.-Gen. of Signals Troops Kovalev and Col. Muzhev.

To commemorate the victory the units and formations which particularly distinguished themselves in the fighting for the capture of Tallinn will be recommended for conferment of the name “Tallinn” and award of Orders.

To-day, September 22, at 23.30 hours (Moscow time), the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, in the name of the Motherland will salute with 24 artillery salvoes from 324 guns our gallant troops of the Leningrad Front, including the Esthonian Corps commanded by Lieut.-Gen. Pern, which captured the capital of Soviet Esthonia, Tallinn.

For excellent military operations I express my thanks to all the troops under your command which took part in the fighting for the liberation of Tallinn.

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the struggle for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!

Death to the German invaders!

J. Stalin
Supreme Commander-in-Chief
Marshal of the Soviet Union