J. V. Stalin

Message Broadcast on the Evening of April 27, 1945, to the Officers and Men of the Red Army and of the Armies of the Allies on the Occasion of their Linking up on German Soil

April 27, 1945

IN the name of the Soviet Government, I address you, commanders and men of the Red Army, and of the armies of our Allies.

The victorious armies of the Allied Powers, waging a war of liberation in Europe, have routed the German troops and linked up on the territory of Germany.

Our task and our duty are to complete the destruction of the enemy, to force him to lay down his arms and surrender unconditionally. The Red Army will fulfil to the end this task and this duty to our people and to all freedom-loving peoples.

I greet the valorous troops of our Allies, which are now standing on the territory of Germany shoulder to shoulder with the Soviet troops, and which are full of determination to carry out their duty to the end.