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Source: Booklet
Written: 1951
Published: Foreign Languages Press, Peking: 1972 (First Edition) (1)
Online Version: Joseph Stalin Reference Archive, July 2005
Transcription: Hari Kumar for Alliance-ML
HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2005
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Remarks on Economic Questions Connected with the November 1951 Discussion

1. Character of Economic Laws Under Socialism

2. Commodity Production Under Socialism

3. The Law of Value Under Socialism

4. Abolition of the Antithesis Between Town and Country, and Between Mental and Physical Labour, and Elimination of Distinctions Between Them

5. Disintegration of the Single World Market and Deepening of the Crisis of the World Capitalist System

6. Inevitability of Wars Between Capitalist Countries

7. The Basic Economic Laws of Modern Capitalism and of Socialism

8. Other Questions

9. International Importance of a Marxist Textbook on Political Economy

10. Ways of Improving the Draft Textbook on Political Economy

Reply to Comrade Alexander Ilyich Notkin

Concerning the Errors of Comrade L.D. Yaroshenko

I. Comrade Yaroshenko’s Chief Error
II. Other Errors of Comrade Yaroshenko

Reply to Comrades A.V. Sanina and V.G. Venzher

1. Character of the Economic Laws of Socialism
2. Measures for Elevating Collective-Farm Property to the Level of Public Property


1. The present English translation of J. V. Stalin’s Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R. is a reprint of the text given in the English pamphlet by the same name, published in Moscow, 1952. Changes have been made according to other English translations of the pamphlet. The notes at the end of the book have been translated from the Chinese edition published by the People's Publishing House, Peking, March 1971.