J. V. Stalin

Volume 10


Source : Works, Vol. 10, August - December, 1927
Publisher : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
Transcription/Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2009
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The tenth volume of J. V. Stalin's Works contains writings and speeches of the period August-December 1927.

By the end of 1927 the policy of the socialist industrialisation of the country had achieved decisive successes. The Bolshevik Party and the Soviet people were faced with the urgent task of passing to the collectivisation of agriculture.

In the Political Report of the Central Committee to the Fifteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.), J. V. Stalin analyses the international situation of the Soviet Union, the situation in the capitalist countries and the state of the revolutionary movement all over the world; shows the successes achieved in building socialism in the U.S.S.R. in the conditions of capitalist encirclement; defines the tasks involved in expanding and consolidating the socialist key positions and eliminating the capitalist elements from the national economy. J. V. Stalin substantiates the course taken towards the collectivisation of agriculture, which was approved and adopted by the congress.

In the report to the Fifteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.) and in his reply to the discussion on this report, in his speeches "The Political Complexion of the Russian Opposition," "The Trotskyist Opposition Before and Now," "The Party and the Opposition," and in other works, J. V. Stalin completes the ideological rout of Trotskyism, sets the Party the task of completely routing the Trotsky-Zinoviev anti-Soviet bloc organisationally and eliminating it, and emphasises the necessity of fighting tirelessly for unity and iron discipline in the ranks of the Bolshevik Party.

J . V. Stalin's works "The International Character of the October Revolution," "Interview with Foreign Workers' Delegations," and "The International Situation and the Defence of the U.S.S.R." reveal the historic significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which marked the radical turn in the history of mankind from capitalism to communism and the triumph of Marxism-Leninism over Social-Democracy. J. V. Stalin emphasises the importance of the U.S.S.R. as the base of the world revolutionary movement and the necessity of defending the Soviet Union from attacks by imperialism.

In his "Interview with the First American Labour Delegation," J. V. Stalin shows the indissoluble unity of Marxism and Leninism and reveals the new contribution that Lenin made to the general treasury of Marxism by developing the teachings of Marx and Engels in conformity with the new era — the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions.

In this volume are published for the first time J . V. Stalin's letter "To Comrade M. I . Ulyanova. Reply to Comrade L. Mikhelson" and his "Synopsis of the Article 'The International Character of the October Revolution.'"

Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.)