Maurice Thorez 1941

“Liberation France is Linked Victory Soviet Union”

Source: Moscou, Paris, Berlin; edited by Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Mikail Narinski, Brigitte Studer, Serge Wolikow. Editions Tallandier, Paris, 2003;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2004.

On June 22,1941 the Wehrmacht rolled into the Soviet Union. Three days later Thorez and long-time party leader André Marty sent the following telegram to Jacques Duclos, who is responsible for the Party within France. Nothing is left of their former equivocal positions.

Date: June 25, 1941
Yves [1]

The moment has arrived seek and organize direct contacts with Gaullist movement, the supporters of which understand that heroic struggle Soviet people against Hitlerite aggression is in the interests French people and liberation France is linked victory Soviet Union. Collaboration must be established on following basis: Common struggle for national liberation. Common efforts against common enemy, German fascism. Reciprocal assistance in this common struggle against occupier, against traitor Laval and others, against Vichy clique. Pétain, Darlan [2]. Superfluous pose questions future, but ensure independence Party. Publicly remain prudent and reserved so as not to play enemy’s game, in practice collaborate maximum.

Occupiers, with assistance collaborationist traitors make effort to use to maximum French industry for their anti-Soviet war. Struggles based on demands, strikes should prevent re-supply and war supplies to occupiers and also organize resistance peasants to requisitions and lead people to rebel against pillage its resources by occupiers.

Insist yet again on absolute necessity in all your agitation to avoid presenting German war against Soviet Union as a war between capitalist system and socialist system. For Soviet Union it’s a national war of defense against fascist barbarism. Chatter about world revolution serves Hitler and harms international rallying of all anti-Hitlerite forces.

Stern, Andre [3][4]


1. Jacques Duclos

2. Admiral Darlan, Number two of Vichy Government behind Pétain


4. André Marty