James Mill (1844)

Elements of Political Economy

Written: 3rd Edition, 1844
Source: Rod Hay's Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada
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Introduction. The Subject - Its Limits - and Division

Chapter 1. Production

i. Labour
ii. Capital

Chapter 2. Distribution

i. Rent
ii. Wages
iii. Profits

Chapter 3. Interchange

i. Nature of the Advantage Derived from the Interchange of Commodities
ii. What Determines the Quantity in Which Commodities Exchange for One Another
iii. Effect Upon Exchangeable Values of a Fluctuation in Wages and Profits
iv. Occasions on Which it is the Interest of Nations to Exchange Commodities with One Another
v. The Commodities Imported are the Cause of the Benefits Derived from a Foreign Trade
vi. Convenience of a Particular Commodity, as a Medium of Exchange
vii. What Regulates the Value of Money
viii. What Regulates the Quantity of Money
ix. The Effect of Employing Two Metals both as Standard Money
x. Substitutes for Money
xi. Advantages Derived from the Use of Paper Money
xii. Inconveniences to which the Use of Paper Money is Liable
xiii. The Value of the Precious Metals Determines Whether a Country Shall Export or Import
xiv The Value of the Precious Metal Which Exportation Is Not Determines the Same
xv. Mode in which the Precious Metal
xvi. Money Transactions between Nations - Bills of Exchange
xvii. Bounties and Prohibitions
xviii. Colonies

Chapter 4. Consumption

i. Of Productive and Unproductive Consumption
ii. That Which Is Annually Produced Is Annually Consumed
iii. That Consumption Is Co-Extensive With Production
iv. In What Manner Government Consumes
v. Taxes on Rent
vi. A Tax on Profits
vii. A Tax on Wages
viii. Direct Taxes Which Are Destined to Fall Equally Upon All
ix. Taxes on Commodities; Either Some Particular Commodities
x. A Tax Upon the Produce of the Land
xi. A Tax Upon the Profits of the Farmer and Agricultural Instruments
xii. Tithes and Poor Rates
xiii. A Tax per Acre on the Land
xiv. Taxes Upon the Transfer of Property
xv. Law Taxes
xvi. Taxes on Money, and the Precious Metals
xvii. Effects of the Taxation of Commodities Upon the Value of Money