Mauricius 1910

An Apologia for Crime

Source: L'Apologie du Crime. Editions des Causeries Populaires, n.d. [1910], Paris ;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor 2018;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2018.

...We have seen that species, naturally and in accordance with a primordial fate, must, in order to survive, destroy other species, but that the individuals of each species only massacre each other when subsistence is lacking.

We believe that the struggle within the human species can cease, that this merciless war to which the name competition has been given, can be brought to an end, because we know that mechanization and intensive farming can provide humans, all humans, not only with what is necessary, but even a superfluity, and that once this is so the struggles between them will no longer have any reason for being.

In order to reach this state of affairs, to bring the men around us – the religious, patriots, the mad, voters, alcoholics, etc. – to a normal vision of existence, there are only two methods: curing or killing. Curing the ill and killing the incurable is the sole justice in conformity with natural laws. Educating man, awakening their consciences and reason through propaganda, and applying the death penalty to unevolvable vermin, to all those who live of death like crows, who live on carrion.

Impelled by the implacable logic of facts, we will suppress the crimes of society by crime against society.