Renzo Novatore
Italian Illegalist, Anarcho-Individualist, Anti-Fascist Poet and Rebel




Abele Rizieri Ferrari (May 12, 1890 – November 29, 1922), better known by the pen name Renzo Novatore, was an Italian individualist anarchist, illegalist and anti-fascist poet, philosopher and militant, now mostly known for his posthumously published book Toward the Creative Nothing (Verso il nulla creatore) and associated with ultra-modernist trends of futurism. His thought is influenced by Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georges Palante, Oscar Wilde, Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Schopenhauer and Charles Baudelaire.





1917: Thoughts and Sayings

1919: Anarchist Individualism in the Social Revolution

1919: The Expropriator

1919: Returning

1919: Towards the Hurricane

1920: A Life

1920: Of Individualism and Rebellion

1920: Let’s Exalt Life!

1920: I Am Also a Nihilist

1920: The Anarchist Temperament in the Maelstrom of History

1920: In the Circle of Life : In Memory of Bruno Filippi

1920: My Maxims (From My Intimate Thoughts Notebook)

1921: In The Reign of The Phantoms

1921: My Iconoclastic Individualism

1921: The Revolt of the Unique

1923: In Defense of Heroic and Expropriating Anarchism

1924: Toward the Creative Nothing

unknown: Between the Two Anarchies

unknown: Intellectual Vagabonds

Poetry and Prose

1917: Cry of Rebellion

1917: Wild Flowers

1920: Black Roses

1920: Spiritual Perversity

1921: The Dream of My Adolescence

1922: Black Flags

1922: Noontime Songs

1922: With Sincere Pity

unknown: A "Female"

unknown: Twilight Dance