F. D. Klingender 1943

Marxism and Modern Art:
An approach to social realism

Source: Marxism and Modern Art: An approach to social realism, in the Marxism Today Series, Edited by Professor Benjamin Farrington, M.A., ISBN 085315 322 1, Lawrence & Wishart Ltd, London, 1975;
First published: in 1943;
Transcribed: by Eugene Hirschfeld.

Francis Klingender died young, at the age of 48. He left behind a pioneer work: Art and the Industrial Revolution, and published a stimulating and original work of art criticism entitled Goya in the Democratic Tradition. His exhibition of English political caricature marked the starting point of a long overdue reappraisal of this wealth of English political art. This was only part of his contribution to Marxist thought.


I. Preface
II. Roger Fry’s Formalism
III. The Palace of Art
IV. Realism: Chernyshevski
V. Realism: Marx and Engels
VI. Relativism
VII. Realism: Lenin
VIII. Conclusion