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The Bolshevik Party of India is a communist party in India. Founded in 1939, it had its roots in the Bengal Labour Party. Its leaders had joined the Communist Party of India in the mid-1930s, but left over disagreements with the CPI over its relationship to the Congress and the Forward Bloc.



1947: Partition of Bengal and Punjab Circular to all Party Committees

1947: Imperialism, Indian Fascism & the People Theses Adopted by the Enlarged Plenum of the Central Committee, held in June-July 1947

1947: June 3 Declaration Resolution Adopted by the CC Plenum, June-July 1947

1947: On 15th August Celebration (Circular to all Party Committees)

1948: Main Political Resolution Adopted by the Central Committee at its Meeting Held on 1st March 1948

1955: Socialism under Capitalism!, By Nagarjun

1961: Towards an Understanding of the Statement of the 81 Communist & Workers Parties, By Nagarjun

1964: Khruschev-Mao Conflict and the Plebian Way, By Biswanath Dubey