MIA: Subjects: India : Communist League, Indian Section of the 4th International



The Communist League came into being in January 1972 when the former Socialist Workers Party changed its name. It functions chiefly in Baroda, Bombay, Samastipur (Bihar), and Calcutta. 


Proletarian Politics, Vol. 2, No. 1, January-February 1979

Editorial: Hands Off Vietnam!
Declaration, Friends of the Soviet Union: Compel Soviet Government to honour human rights in U.S.S.R.
Document: Iranian Trotskyists advance fighting program for Iranian toilers
Sharad Jhaveri: Kulaks stake claim in the national cake
Document: Chinese troops out of Vietnam
Document: Statement of the C.S. of Communist League on Revolution in Iran

Proletarian Politics, Vol. 2, No. 2, March-April 1979

Editorial: Janata Govt. and anti-Janata budget
Ernest Mandel: Indo-China war – The theoretical and political issues behind the mllltary conflicts in South-East Asia.
Tribute: Evelyn Reed an artist-cum-revolutlonary anthropologist is no more.
Condolence message: From the Central Secretariat of the Communist League to the Socialist Workers' Party of USA.

Proletarian Politics, Vol. 2, No. 3, 1979

Editorial: Election Manifesto of the Communist League for the coming Parliament Election
Election manifesto of the Communist League for the 1977 Parliament Election
The evaluation of the post emergency 1977 Parliament Election by the Central Secretariat of the Communist League

Proletarian Politics, Vol. 3, No. 1-2, January-February-March-April 1980

Editorial: On Afghanistan
Editorial: The Political Situation in India and our Tasks
Sharad Jhaveri: Leon Trotsky as a Social Scientist
Book Review: Trotsky: a study in the dynamic of his thought By Ernest Mandel
George Novack: Leon Trotsky's Contribution to Marxism
Magan Desai: Trotsky Centenarary Celebration in India