Kunal Chattopadhyay

The Genocidal Pogrom in Gujarat: Anatomy of Indian Fascism

Date: 2002
Publisher: Rohit Prajapati
Transcription/HTML: Paul Saba
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Reporting the Carnage

Ahmedabad: A tale of two cities

A trained saffron militia at work?

Keep the Injustice and Horror of Gujarat Alive!

Arch-Vahini Report

Carnage in Gujarat

Press Release Date : 20.3.2002 (Bereft of Employment Daily Wage Labourers) on the Verge of Starvation)

BJP's Riot-Free India

Newsline (Karachi)

Hindutva Reign

Religions and Cultural Desecration

Reactions and Analysis

Stop the Riots in Gujarat Resist the Fascist VHP

Press Statement: Muslim Ulema Condemn the Godhra Incident

Monstrosity in the Name of Religion and the March of the Fascist Forces in India: Who Can Stop It?

After Gujarat, Ayodhya, Orissa Fight Photo, Ban VHP

Statement by Maitree on the Gujarat Communal Violence

NAPM and Other Secular Organizations Condemn Barbaric Kill1ngs in Gujarat

Understanding Fascism

The Fascism of the Sangh Parivar

The Fascist Upsurge

The Main Enemy is at Home

The Hate-Minorities Message of the 'RSS BIBLE'

Hindutva's Fascist Heritage

Communalism - Its Causes and Consequences

It is a Bloody Econommunalism

Economic loss by Muslims: Initial Estimates

The Collapse of Bourgeois Democracy

Does the Petty Bourgeoisie Fear Revolution?

The Workers' Militia and its Opponents

Compromises on the road to Hell

Oppose the Shankaracharyya's proposal

Oppose the Destruction of Democracy

The Need for a Law against Genocide

History as a Key Weapon

History vs. Propaganda

The Campaign Against History

History and the Politics of Hindutva

Inquiries, Reports on the Carnage

Baroda: Report by PUCL and Shanti Abhiyan

Women's perspective on the Violence in Gujarat

The role of Newspapers during the Gujarat Carnage

Gujarat Carnage 2002 - A report to the Nation

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