A Positive Programme for
Indian Revolution

Articles Reproduced from "The Call" — September, October, November and December, 1973


Preface   A. R. Desai

Programme Examined   Anikendra Nath Sen

Some Notes on A Positive Programme of Indian Revolution   Editor, The Call

“Two-stages” Theory of Revolution in the Third World   A. R. Desai


Introductory Note: This booklet consists of three articles reproduced from The Call, the monthly organ of the Revolutionary Socialist Party of India, and a Preface. These articles deal with the nature of the Revolution that has to be organised in India for building socialism in the country. Four distinct positions have evolved and shape the strategy and tactic of the Indian Left. The first three approaches, belonging to the same broad family, adopted by the CPI, CPI(M) and CPI(ML) — though differing amongst themselves, take up the common position that the current stage of the Revolution in India is essentially Democratic. The other approach adopted by the Revolutionary Socialist Party and some other groups is that the coming Indian Revolution will be Socialist Revolution, the Indian bourgeoisie having installed itself as the direct ruling class and taking over the levers of state power in the post-Independence India.

The booklet offers a brief but comprehensive rationale for the fourth position while responding to the former three. This remains no doubt an important ongoing debate in the Indian context. Sukla Sen, 2008