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The Revolutionary Communist Party, India was a small Naxalite formation particularly active in Punjab.  The RCPI was led by c. Takra. (It is not the same organization as that founded in 1934 by Saumyendranath Tagore.)

In 1988 the RCPI and four other groups -the CPI(ML) led by Chandrasekhar, two UCCRI (ML) factions led by Harbhajan Sohi and Anand, and the OCCPI(ML) led by Jitender- merged to form the Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India (CCRI).


Revolutionary Communist Party, India: Statement on the Death of Indira Gandhi, by Organising Committee of the RCPI (1 November 1984)

Naxalbari Commemoration: Report from Punjab, by the Leading Committee of the RCPI (1987)

Statement of LC, RCPI: The Rebellion that Shook the Subcontinent, by the Leading Committee of the RCPI (1987)