Abram Leon (1918–1944)

The Jewish Question

A Marxist Interpretation

Written: Approx. 1942 prior to Leon’s murder by the Nazis.
First Published: First English edition: Ediciones Pioneras, Mexico City 1950.
Source: REDS–Die Roten web site.
[Special thanks to Lenni Brenner for help in acquiring this text.]
Transcribed/HTML Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten.
Proofread: Jay Blackwood (June/August 2020).
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Translator’s foreword

A biographical sketch of Abram Leon, by Ernest Germain

ONE: The premises for a scientific study of Jewish history

TWO: From antiquity to the Carolingian epoch:
The period of commercial prosperity of the Jews

A. Before the Roman conquest
B. Roman imperialism and its decline
C. Judaism and Christianity
D. The Jews after the fall of the Roman empire

THREE: The period of the Jewish usurer
Relations of the Jews with other classes in society

A. Royalty and the Jews
B. The nobility and the Jews
C. The bourgeoisie and the Jews
D. Relations of the Jews with the artisans and peasants

FOUR: The Jews in Europe after the Renaissance

A. The Jews in Western Europe after the Renaissance
The thesis of Sombart.

B. The Jews in Eastern Europe up to the nineteenth century

FIVE: Evolution of the Jewish problem in the nineteenth century

SIX: Contradictory trends in the Jewish problem during the period of the rise of capitalism

SEVEN: The decay of capitalism and the tragedy of the Jews in the twentieth century

A. The Jews in Eastern Europe
B. The Jews in Western Europe
C. Racism
D. The Jewish race
E. Zionism

EIGHT: Toward a solution of the Jewish question



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