Flag of Kurdistan

Revolution and Anti-Imperialism in Kurdistan


Articles and Analyses on the Struggle of the Kurds

The National Movement Among the Kurds, Moscow, 1921

On the Kurdish National Question, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, 1972

Inside the Revolutionary War in Kurdestan, Revolutionary Worker Revolutionary Communist Party, USA , 1980

Kurds' Continuous Struggle Challenges Khomeini Regime, Cyrus Noveen, 1982

Iraqi Kurds: Victims of Whom?, Communist Party of Iran, 1991

The Tragedy of Kurdistan. The Devastation of Iraq, Hatice F. and Tom Barett, Bulletin in Defense of Marxism, 1991

Kurdistan: The struggle in historical perspective, Sam Marcy, 1991

The Kurdish Tragedy, Joseph A. Massad, Against the Current, 1991

Kurdistan: Balanced on a knife edge, Socialist Review, 1994

Eyewitness in Kurdistan, Mark Campbell, Socialist Review, 1994

The Gulf Slaughter Revisited, Against the Current, 1996

Freedom for Ocalan!, Spartacist-Canada, 1999

Iraq Five Years On: Invasion & occupation - An unmitigated disaster, Peter Hadden, Socialist View, 2008

Europe Attacks Kurds, Garbis Altinoglu, 2010

The Long Struggle of the Kurds, Memet Uludag, Irish Marxist Review, 2013

Turkey: Between Islamic neoliberalism and Kemalist nationalism, Ron Margulies, International Socialism, 2013

Dances with Wolves: Turkey and the Kurds, Ron Margulies, International Socialism, 2015

Help the Kurds defeat ISIS, Solidarity, 2014

ISIS and Counter-revolution: Towards a Marxist analysis, Anne Alexander, International Socialism, 2015

War Against the Kurds Renewed, Sarah Parker and Phil Hearse, Against the Current, 2016


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